SMART is a flexible industry-driven EUREKA research program* in the area of Advanced Manufacturing. Our goal is to define, perform and finance (through public and private funding) collaborative international research projects on close to market TRLs. SMART is open to any type of organization covering the SMART Program research areas. If you are interested in the SMART Program and want to support its development, please send us the scanned signed support form to Instructions to sign the Support Form are provided in the Manual. Signing the support form does not imply for the signee any legal or financial commitment, and provides the following benefits:
          - your company logo will be included on the web
          - you will be included in the information loop on the SMART progress
         - you will have the opportunity to further participate in developing SMART
*in preparation process **Spanish partners have special conditions, please contact us.


SMART mission is to boost the competitiveness, growth and attractiveness of the European discrete manufacturing industries through the promotion of R&D&I in an open community of large industries, SMEs, RTOs, academia and user organizations.


SMART vision is to become the preferred Program for international close to market R&D Advanced Manufacturing projects in Aeronautics, Automotive, Railways, Capital Goods, Consumer Durables and other discrete manufacturing sectors.


Focus on core product, advanced services and innovative manufacturing processes of discrete parts and batch manufacturing industries. Promote cooperative, transnational, close to market R&D projects among manufacturing industries. Flexibility to adopt to the demands of manufacturing companies.



Our team

Director – SMART Development
MONDRAGON Corporation

Dr. Javier Eguren Mob.: +34 629 320 521

Office Director – SMART Development
MONDRAGON Corporation

Ramón Uribe-Echeberria Mob.: +34 605 775 411

Officer – SMART Development
AFM Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Silvia Zulaika Mob.: +34 659 655 466